On-premise Hotel Management Software
eZee FrontDesk

eZee FrontDesk is a leading on-premise hotel management software. It was built to help you to manage your reservations, sales, inventory, expenses, reports and other critical areas of your facility more efficiently. With this complete property management system (pms) you can expect to increase your revenue, reduce leakages and eventually increase your profit margins in no time.

Additionally, it can be integrated with other software and hardware to make the management your hotel or guest house effortless. For instance, your can integrate it with your electronic key cards (digital door locks) to enhance the security of your rooms and to help you monitor your reservations. Moreover, it can be configured to allow you accept transactions via payment cards (VISA, PayPal, etc) at your facility.

eZee FrontDesk, a hotel management software
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Features of eZee FrontDesk

Reservation Center

Revenue Management

Group Operations

Housekeeping and Maintenance

Banquet and Events Management

Minibar Management

Front Office Operations

Back Office Operations

System Access Control

Analytics and Reporting

Associated Mobile App

Employee Management

Rates and Taxes

Invoices, Bills and Cashiering Center

Alerts and Notifications

Managerial Reports

Laundry Management


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Integration with other eZee Products

eZee solutions are built to ensure productivity in the easiest possible way. Hence, eZee FrontDesk can be readily integrated with other eZee solutions to ensure a hustle-free management of your facility.

Integration with Third-Party Products

Do you already have hardware and software solutions from other manufacturers? Don’t worry. eZee FrontDesk allows integration with a host of third-party systems as well.