Online Hotel Channel Manager
eZee Centrix

Helps You to Automate Your Rate and Inventory Distribution Online

Why You Need Our Hotel Channel Manager

eZee Centrix is a leading hotel channel manager that helps you connect to and manage over 100 online travel agents (OTAs) and global distribution systems (GDSs) accounts at the same time. The comparison below throws more light on the contribution of eZee Centrix in your hotel or guest house management operations.

Working Manually

Using eZee Centrix

  • You can’t market your facility all alone. Connecting to a few OTA’s means limited online presence and marketing.
  • You can connect to multiple OTA accounts effortlessly which means better marketing and wider online presence
  • Managing more than five OTA accounts becomes difficult and time consuming
  • You are free to manage several OTA and GDS accounts easily. You only need to click a few buttons to do this.
  • Managing multiple OTA and GDS accounts manually create the avenue for critical human errors.
  • Human errors are almost completely removed as information entered once is automatically distributed across all connected OTA and GDS accounts.
  • It is difficult to maintain rate parity as you may not be able update price changes on all your accounts.
  • Rate parity is assured as the same prices are distributed over all the connected accounts. (This feature can be deactivated based on your preference)
  • Very difficult to collect the rates of neighbouring facilities.You may only get access to a few of them .
  • eZee’s built-in rate spider fetches the rates of neighbouring facilities for you so you can keep your prices competitive.
  • You will have to keep the login details of all your OTA and GDS accounts. There is high risk of losing access to some accounts.
  • Only one login detail is needed to manage all your OTA and GDS accounts. This is a lot easier to keep in memory and records.
  • Likely to result in over-booking as you may not be able to constantly update all OTAs and GDSs with your available rooms at any given time.
  • The system integrates well with your hotel software to automatically update all your OTAs and GDSs with your available rooms in order to prevent over-booking.
  • You will have to collect bookings and manually insert them into your hotel software.
  • eZee Centrix automatically updates your hotel software with bookings received from your OTAs, GDSs and your website. 

Some Features of our Hotel Channel Manager

  • OTA and GDS  Connections
  • Mobile Channel Manager
  • Rate Spider
  • Analytics and Reports
  • Master and Derived Rate Plan
  • Foreign Currency Rate Update
  • Rates and Inventory Management
  • PMS Integration
  • Yield Management
  • Email Marketing and Scheduling
  • Rate Parity and Overbooking Management
  • CRS for Chain Property Management
Update Your Rates, Inventory and Promotions on all Channels at Once
Manage all Your OTA and GDS Accounts from a Single Spot
Manage your OTAs and GDSs Accounts from Your Smartphone