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We understand the role of appropriate computer technology in the modern business. This is why, we have assembled some of the best business IT solutions for you. 

Our Core Services

Web Design

Attractive, intuitive, and SEO friendly web designs await you. We provide websites that are secured with SSL.

Digital Marketing

We are ready to help you get your products and services to the right audience. Our charges are affordable.

Software Sales

We don't sell our products alone. We are authorized distributors of some of the top brands in the industry.

App Development

Let's build an intuitive Android or iOS app for your business. Make interactions with your clients effortless.

Web Hosting

We resell web hosting from top brands at unbeatable rates with 99.9% up time, free SSL and 24/7 support.

Our Most Popular solutions

KodeCentury Technologies is well known for our POS solutions. Contact us for the best POS solution.

Desktop (Offline) Retail POS

Our offline POS solutions are ideal for retailers, distributors and service providers who are comfortable operating offline.

Cloud-based (Online) Retail POS

This online POS solution is great for retailers, distributors and service providers who love flexibility and portability.

Cloud-based Restaurant POS

Our online POS solution is ideal for restaurateurs who want to monitor their outlets more flexibly.

Desktop (Offline) Restaurant POS

This offline restaurant POS solution works well for restaurant and bar managers who hate internet charges.

Hospitality Software Solutions

eZee FrontDesk, an on-premise hotel management software

eZee FrontDesk

This is a complete on-premise property management system (PMS) for hotels and guest houses. Manage you bookings, inventory, reports, etc. with eZee FrontDesk.

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eZee Absolute, an online hospitality management software

eZee Absolute

Here is a complete cloud-based property management system (PMS) for hotels and guest houses. Manage your hotel anywhere you go with your smartphone or computer!

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eZee Reservation, an online hotel booking engine

eZee Reservation

An online booking engine for hotels, guest houses and more. Give your guests the convenience of booking your property directly from your website and social media pages.

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eZee Centrix, an online hotel channel manager. This software allows hotels to boots their bookings by allowing them to create multiple OTA accounts

eZee Centrix

This online channel manager makes it possible to manage multiple OTA and GDS accounts from one spot. Use this opportunity to boost your chances of attracting more guests!

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Aruti feature image

Aruti Payroll and HR Management Software

Aruti is a complete payroll and human resource management system that makes it easier and more efficient to manage all important aspects of your employee’s performance, remuneration and roles. It is made up of  modules that can be purchased separately so it is cost efficient for both small and large scale enterprises. You can purchase only those modules that are needed for your business. Some of the available modules are:

  • Payroll & HR Module
  • Time & Attendance Module
  • Performance & Assessment Module
  • Recruitment Management Module

Getting the right solution

Deciding on the right software  solution can be difficult. Getting extra information about our solutions will make it easier for you to pick the best solution for your business. We are ready to help you decide. Just hit the right button and speak to us.

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We provide free consultancy services to help you decide on a solution.

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With our prompt support team and partners, you get comprehensive around-the-clock support for our products and services. Feel free to contact us if you face any challenge at any time.

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