The Best Hotel Software Solutions

KodeCentury Technologies presents to you hospitality solutions to help you to manage every aspect of your hotel or guest house efficiently. We understand the influence of modern technology in your business. Hence, our hotel software are carefully built to help you reap the full benefits of technology in your business.  Take advantage of modern practices in hospitality property management to boost your revenue and profit margins whiles keeping your guests satisfied.

Pick from a range of hospitality solutions to help you manage everything you ever care about, such as;

  • bookings
  • guest satisfaction
  • invoices
  • inventory
  • reports
  • expenses, etc.

The comprehensive reporting features of our products will help you to effectively monitor every area of your facility’s performance.  Additionally, eZee’s solutions are PCI certified to ensure your data is secure with our modern systems. Moreover, KodeCentury and eZee jointly offer comprehensive support for all our solutions to ensure they perform at their maximum potentials. You don’t even need to hire an IT staff to manage our solutions.

eZee Hospitality Solutions

eZee FrontDesk
On-premise Hotel Software

eZee FrontDesk is a leading on-premise hotel management software. It was built to help you to manage your reservations, sales, inventory, expenses, reports and other critical areas of your facility more efficiently. This helps you to increase your revenue, reduce leakages and increase your profit margins eventually. It can be integrated with other software and hardware to make your hotel management operations completely effortless.


eZee Reservation
Online Hotel Booking Engine

Convert your online traffic into meaningful booking with eZee Reservation. This powerful online booking engine can be integrated with your website and your Facebook page to allow your visitors book your facility directly from your online pages with ease. It also allows integration with payment gateways so you can remotely accept payments through payment cards. This feature helps you to minimize cancellations.


eZee Absolute
Online Hotel Software

eZee Absolute is a cloud-based (online) hotel management software. Like eZee FrontDesk, this product helps you to manage you facility effectively to increase your profit magins. It integrates seemlessly with third-party software and hardware. The fascinating feature about eZee Absolute is that you don't need to be at your hotel to monitor your property. You can do it anywhere on your smartphone, tablet or laptop.


eZee Centrix
Hotel Channel Manager

This is an online channel manager that allows you to update rates, events, discounts, etc. on multiple online travel agents (OTA) and global distribution systems (GDS) from a single spot. This means that you can increase your chances of booking by creating many OTA and GDS accounts. Also, it can be integrated with your hotel software and booking engine to ensure that your bookings are directly synchronised with your property management system (PMS). This makes your property management fluid.


eZee Burrp!
On-premise Restaurant POS

eZee Burrp! is an on-premise (offline) restaurant and bar point of sale software that allows you to effortlessly perform your restaurant or bar's transactions with speed and efficiency. With a kitchen display, your customer's orders are displayed for your kitchen staff so they can respond pomptly. Make your customers happier with your precision and quick response to their needs whiles boosting your sales, reducing leakages and monitoring your inventory through comprehensive reports.


eZee Optimus
Online Restaurant POS

eZee Optimus is a cloud-based (online) restaurant point of sale software that is designed to help restuarant and bar to sell the smart way. This cloud-based solution is secure, fast and very affordable. Besides, it can be integrated with your hotel and accounting software which makes management of sales effortless. Also, it has inbuilt reporting features which help you to keep track of your facility's performance. Moreover, you don't need an IT Staff to maintain it. Our experts take care of the technical details for you.


eZee iMenu
Digital Menu for Hotels

Take your hotel business to the next level with a tablet-based restaurant menu. Give your guests the luxury of placing their orders right from an interactive digital menu. Serve them with vivid pictures of your meals so they can't resist buying. Make your guests feel like royals while increasing your guests inflow. This is all we stand for! Providing solutions to increase your guest satisfaction and your profits simultaneously. It can be integrated with our POS solution so sales can occur faster. You don't need to ask you guests many questions!

eZee Appytech
Smartphone App for Hotels

Appytect is a hotel software for smartphones. We are aware your guests want luxury and comfort. Their busy schedules often make it difficult for them to book apartments at your premise or even on a computer. Why not make it easy for them to make reservations right from their smartphones? Great idea! With eZee Appytect, you can get a customized hotel mobile app for your facility. This smartphone app can help you share your hotel's amenitures, rates, and other hotel information to prospective guests. Your guests are then allowed to book your property right from their smartphones.

eZee iFeedback
Guests Review Software

Your customers' satisfaction will determine whether they will visit your facility again for future business or recommend you to others. As a hotelier, your guests should feel positive about their stay in your facility and be prepared to visit you again or recommend your facility to others. In order to find out how your facility performed in the eyes of your guest, you need their reviews or feedback. eZee iFeedback allows your guests to share their reviews, comments and suggestions. However, you decide which of the reviews are displayed on your website so your online reputation is intact!

eZee Ultimate
Free All-round Hotel Management Software

eZee Ultimate, a complete property management software for hotels and guest houses
A Comprehensive Hospitality Management Solution

eZee Ultimate is a complete hospitaliy solution that offers you everything you need to enhance your business at no cost or risk. Yes it is completely free to setup! You only pay up to 4% commission on all sales you make through this solution.
You get;

    • A Free Website for Your Business
    • A Completely Free Cloud-based Hotel Software
    • A Free Booking Engine
    • A Totally Free Channel Manager
    • A Free Cloud-based Restaurant Point of Sale
    • And every solution we believe will make you busines successful.

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