About Us

KodeCentury Technologies is an information technology (IT) solutions provider and consultancy firm located in Accra, Ghana. The firm exists to provide high quality IT solutions to propel Ghanaian businesses to perform efficiently, reduce leakages and improve their profit margins.

KodeCentury thrives on the resolute commitment of its staff to contribute towards solving problems in businesses and society in general. The firm relies on the rich knowledge and experience of its staff and partners in the technology and business sectors to supply correct, secure, reliable and scalable software and web design solutions to Ghanaian businesses.

Our Core Values

To be able to continually supply our clients with the best of solutions, KodeCentury operates on these four key values:

  • Partnership
  • Trust
  • Performance
  • Innovation


Contribute to solving business and societal problems through collaboration and innovation.


Meet human and business needs through provision of effective and efficient modern technology solutions.


To provide businesses and individuals with efficient ways of improving productivity and profit margins while reducing the workloads on their employees.